Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In the Blink of an Eye

Davin (our 21 year old son) came home last night from playing softball and it was obvious something was bothering him. He proceeded to tell us that he had just heard that one of the boys he played baseball with in high school is being charged with murder. According to Davin he was a quiet, somewhat shy, really nice guy, and, although they had not been great friends, Davin spent considerable time with him. Michael was very involved in Davin's playing and knew everyone of those boys by first name and position. I remember a lot of pimples and green uniforms. The somberness in our kitchen was palatable. Those of you who know me know that I don't cry a lot, but I have been fighting back tears ever since.

So what happened? We don't have details and it is not my place to share them, but it seems drugs were involved. All I could think of was, "there but by the grace of God, goes my child." But my heart has ached ever since. I woke up several times last night feeling like I needed to cry out to God, "Help them!" Help this mother whose baby is now facing years behind bars. Help this family who is trying to make sense out of all of it. Help this young man whose dreams have now been shattered to smithereens. All in the blink of an eye.

I spent the morning listening to God-is-in-control music. That is usually the only way I can make sense of this kind of stuff; reminding myself who He is in our direst circumstances. And as I was driving to work, all of a sudden I was reminded that everything changed in the blink of an eye 2000 years ago. At the cross we went from enemies of God to being redeemed. To where by His grace things like this do not have to be the end of us. To, if we let Him, he can turn all the horror in our lives into something good. To a place where ashes can become beauty again. And the beauty of that moment has had ripple effects all these years. Everytime someone says yes to Him all of the above becomes true in their lives. It happened to me, and it happened to most of you.

I don't know anything about this family and so I have no idea whether or not they are believers, whether or not they have Jesus to turn to. But I am praying for that for them. I am praying that they perceive Him reaching out to them, comforting them, and embracing them. And I am praying that Davin, as he tries to process all this, will also turn his face to the Lord and say, "Lord, that could have been me. Help me."