Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Breaking and Healing

I have a phone with swipe texting. It has been a source of some fun at times. Like the time I texted, "Do you want to go to a pregnancy exchange?" to my daughter. Or "How was your nothing?" to my husband. This morning a foibled text I was sending to my friend, who is in the middle of a tough relational struggle, made me stop and think. I meant to say, "No healing is ever going to happen unless...." The phone texted, "No breaking is ever going to happen unless...." And it hit me. Is there healing without breaking?

What really is brokenness before God, but a path to restoration and healing? The admittance that we have been wrong all along and are surrendering to His ways, which will effect the healing of our souls and will the conduit to heal broken relationships.

I have been in the middle of a tug-of-war with God on some of the things I want to cling to for some time, and more and more He is showing me that I won't heal from these unless I let myself be broken before Him.  It's not a whisper anymore. He has picked up the megaphone.

Deliver me from bloodguiltiness, O God,
    O God of my salvation,
    and my tongue will sing aloud of your righteousness.
15 O Lord, open my lips,
    and my mouth will declare your praise.
16  For you will not delight in sacrifice, or I would give it;
    you will not be pleased with a burnt offering.
17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit;
    a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.
Psalm 51:14-17