Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Writing on the Wall

My husband and I are in a bit of a pickle. What it is and how we got here is somewhat irrelevant. All we know is that we are having to trust God for the outcome. Time is ticking and we are still waiting. As always this is the hardest part about trusting God.

I have been working through a Bible study on Daniel and the author of the study summarized the writing on the wall in Daniel 5 as I AM, I KNOW, I ACT. We could argue that she took some major liberties with the text, but I get her point. Belshezzar thought he was getting away with something, but God stepped in. Daniel's interpretations of the writing on the wall was clearly a rebuke of Belshezzar's behavior.

But my husband and I were talking this morning and encouraging each other to just hang in there for a while, those words rang in my head. I AM, I KNOW, I ACT. He is Who He says He is - the God of the Universe with everything under His control. He does know what is going on, what we need and how this is going to end. And He does act. He is not powerlessly sitting by watching us wait; He will do what He will do when He will do it, and however He will do it.

And so we wait....